The #BeHeard Survey Confidentiality Promise 

In order to get the best and most effective results from the survey, you must ensure complete confidentiality.

The #BeHeard Survey Confidentiality experience is a promise we are making to you and your employees. 

  • We promise that we never reveal who has taken the survey.
  • We promise that we won't allow reports to be created unless there are five or more employees within a selected group. 
  • We promise that only aggregate data is shared in our reports. 

There are a few simple parameters that we put in place to ensure you are still gaining valuable insights while respecting the anonymity of the data we collect. This is one of the biggest advantages of having a trusted partner during this process.

Here's some more information around how we guarantee confidentiality:

Employee Emails

To personalize the communication to your employees, our #BeHeard Survey emails will address each person by their first name. However, the link to participate in the survey will direct them to an external link that will be completely confidential. Feel free to check out Marketing and Communication Strategies to help you successfully launch your survey. 


The Sparck system sends out reminders to employees who have not yet participated, but this information will not be released or shared. Even though you cannot see who specifically has completed the survey, you can see real-time participation filtered by the different workplace demographic filters that you provided during the employee upload process. While the survey is open, this will give you a pulse on survey participation and identify which teams or departments may need a nudge to increase response rates. 

Based on this data you can also decide if you would like to extend the survey to capture more feedback. You can do that from your Admin Screen if you are the company administrator.   This information will also be available when the survey closes to provide additional intelligence into the engagement levels within your organization. Where was participation really high and where was it falling flat? 

We love the idea of celebrating participation, so a new feature we will be introducing is the option to include gift cards to those who participate in the survey based on your budget and goals. If this is something you are interested in, please note that we cannot share who those gift cards went to, but will be able to provide the participation data to highlight the number of participants to align incurred costs. You can find learn more about different participation incentives HERE.

Survey Results

If you upgrade to the Premium #BeHeard report, you will be able to personalize your engagement strategies by getting in-depth insights based on your workplace demographic filters. To keep employee privacy top of mind, these results can only be filtered by groups of five or more employees. But don't worry, this will not limit you! You will still be able to capture a clear company strategy and quickly identify your strengths and the actionable steps that will get you the largest return on your investment. 

Next Steps