Set a #BeHeard Survey Timeline Strategy 

Curious about timeline and strategy recommendations to successfully launch your survey?

Timing is everything!  Best practice is to market the survey to employees for two weeks and leave it open for two weeks. However, if you have over 1,000 employees, extend the marketing process to three weeks to ensure everyone is aware and notified. 


Number of Employees Survey the Market Leave Survey Open
Less than 1,000 2 Weeks 2 Weeks
More than 1,000 3 Weeks 2 Weeks

Extending the Survey

Once the survey launches and you find that you aren’t getting the participation you need, you can easily extend the survey from the Company Admin page.  If the survey has already started, you can adjust the close date of your survey by clicking Extend Survey, as shown below.Extend Survey Button

Even though we'll send out an update email to your employees, we still recommend internal communication about the survey extension to boost participation. When your employees know their feedback matters to you, it will matter more to them.

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