Understand your Unique #BeHeard Results 

Learn how to understand your survey results.

It’s an exciting moment when the survey closes and the results are populated in real-time. Most companies are anxious to dive in and take a peek. We’ve designed the full report to be digested in a presentation format to help you and your team easily understand the results. We intentionally broke the report down into different sections to provide bite-sized information to gain more awareness into actionable steps that can be taken and celebrated. 

  • With the free version of the report, you will have access to the dashboard results and your customized questions - both 5-star ratings and open ended responses. 
  • The full version will give you access to a presentation style report with actionable recommendations and filters to pinpoint the areas that will give you the greatest return on your engagement investments. 

Tutorial Videos

To help you interpret each type of report, we have tutorial videos coming soon:

  • #BeHeard Dashboard Tutorial Video Coming Soon
  • Full #BeHeard Report Tutorial Video Coming Soon

In the meantime, please feel free to reserve some time if you would like a Sparck Partner to walk you through your results!

Next Steps