Understand your Unique #BeHeard Results 

Learn how to understand your #BeHeard Survey results for both the Free Report and the Premium Report.

It’s an exciting moment when the survey closes and the results are populated in real-time. Most companies are anxious to dive in and take a peek.

There are two ways to access your results:

  1. The Free Report will give you access to a presentation style report with your Engagement Score, Effectiveness Scores within the 5 key engagement drivers, Turnover Forecast, and your customized questions (both 5-star ratings and open ended responses).  
  2. The Premium Report will give you access to a presentation style report like the Free Report, but you'll also receive actionable recommendations and filters to pinpoint the areas that will give you the greatest return on your engagement investments.  The Premium Report will give you the data and insights to really examine your organization and target the right initiatives that'll move your organization forward.

We’ve designed the reports in a presentation format to help you and your team easily understand the results. We intentionally broke the #BeHeard results down into different sections to provide bite-sized information to gain more awareness into actionable steps that can be taken and celebrated.

To download a PDF comparison of the Free and Premium Report, click HERE.

Tutorial Videos

Here are some tutorial videos to help you interpret each type of report for the #BeHeard Survey.

How to Understand Your #BeHeard Surveys Dashboard


#BeHeard Free Report

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#BeHeard Premium Report

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If you have questions, please feel free to reserve some time for a high level overview of your Premium Report.

#BeHeard Success Series

If you're looking for a more in depth look at your #BeHeard results, we suggest you sign up for our #BeHeard Success Series Part 2.  This package is all about taking action.  We'll help you share and interpret your results to align and execute an engagement initiative throughout your entire organization. This will ensure you get the largest return on investment and boost employee loyalty.

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