Take Action with the Captain/Co-Captain Framework

Ensure you keep the momentum going with your survey results with Captains and Co-Captains.

So now that you have your survey results, you've shared the results, and reviewed ways to put results into action, here's a tried-and-true #BeHeard results strategy to help you take action and keep the momentum going.

#BeHeard Survey Results Strategy

Once the key initiatives are identified (with an Engagement Plan), assign a Captain and Co-Captain to gain buy-in at every level of the organization to successfully execute.

Since change starts at the top, depending on your organizational structure, Captains may be the leadership/executive team and their co-captains will be managers or employees who have the expertise, passion, or interest within each specific area. This can be a great recognition opportunity for someone to be selected and shows the commitment of the executive team based on the survey results. This also helps achieve a big impact and time efficiency for busy executives when managers and/or their employees have the responsibility to deliver. 

Accountability is critical during this next phase so having a basic framework and expectations like the example below will be very important. 

Important: Any change MUST come from the top! Without leadership buy-in, initiatives rarely succeed (if they even get off the ground). Click HERE to download the free ROI Analysis to gain leadership buy-in for engagement initiatives.

Captain and Co-Captain Framework Example

Once #Beheard results are discussed, you have leadership buy-in, the initiatives are confirmed, and the Captains selected for each, you are ready to go! Here's a simple tried & true framework to ensure you keep the momentum going:

  1. Goal Setting:  Together identify the goals with each team and a timeline to accomplish them. Let the Captains also highlight the resources and support they need from the executive team to achieve these deliverables. Ensure everyone is on the same page, aligned, and committed. 
  2. Measure Progress: Map out key milestones and timelines to achieve the larger goals. Schedule update meetings with the executive team and the company overall to show action is being taken and progress made based on their feedback. (Best practice:  Include these updates as an agenda item during regularly scheduled meetings
  3. Share the Plan:  Once this is dialed in share the initiatives, Captains, and goals moving forward with the entire company. Let them know when updates will be given and encourage employees to reach out to the Captains with questions, ideas, and any support they want to provide. (This will increase participation with future surveys and more transparent feedback when they see it makes a difference, huge opportunity to increase retention and productivity)
 This framework will help empower leaders while simultaneously taking action with the results. This helps you tie initiatives directly to the survey results so employees feel that their feedback is heard. 

Next Steps: