Learn more about Focus Groups

Learn best practices and communication around focus groups to collect more feedback following a #BeHeard Survey.

Now that you've started to take action with the survey results, you may be facing more questions than answers. That means you're on the right track!

As part of the #BeHeard Success Series, we will facilitate a Focus Group to give your employees an opportunity to provide more thoughts, recommendations, and ideas around the results of the survey (e.g. strengths and action areas). Focus groups are a great opportunity to ask for specific ideas and recommendations, especially following the #BeHeard Survey. 

But before you do, there are some common questions to consider:

  • What type of feedback do you want to collect?
  • Who will attend the focus group(s)?
  • Do you want focus groups facilitated in person or via Zoom?
  • Do you want to bring a third party in to facilitate? 
  • Will the focus group(s) be on a volunteer-basis or randomly selected?
  • Will participation be voluntary or mandatory? 
  • How do you want to invite employees? (NOTE: See email template below!)

To help you get started, here are some best practices for focus groups.

Focus Groups Best Practices

  1. Determine the timeline and set expectations
  2. Share the "why" behind the focus group with employees
  3. Keep focus group to about 1-1.5 hours
  4. Stress confidentiality 
  5. Summarize feedback anonymously
  6. Be intentional with how you're inviting employees 
  7. If via Zoom, ensure employees have a private and safe place to participate in the office and are prepared to be camera ready

Invitation Email Template

How your employees are invited matters! Here's a sample template you can use.

Dear {Team or First Name}, 


Thank you so much for participating in the #BeHeard Survey. We had {insert results here (optional)}. There is a lot to celebrate and a lot that we’ve uncovered as we begin to take action with the results. 


This is just the beginning as your feedback is so important to us as we begin to shape our plans moving forward. You have been {randomly (if applicable)} selected to participate in the #BeHeard focus group. This will be facilitated by {the Sparck Team (if applicable} to dive deeper into the results and give you an opportunity to share additional thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in a confidential setting. 

#BeHeard Focus Group 





We want to continue growing in ways that are most important and impactful for you so we welcome your suggestions and encourage you to actively participate now and into future conversations.{Please RSVP to @.... To confirm your participation (if applicable)}


If you have any questions about the focus group, please reach out to {contact}. Your experiences matter and these focus groups will help us clarify some data points from the #BeHeard Survey to ensure we understand what's most important to you.


[If Results Have Been Shared] We can then move forward with your ideas and recommendations to build an employee focused culture where everyone knows their voice is valued and appreciated.

[If Results Have NOT Been Shared Yet] We're looking forward to sharing the #BeHeard Survey results and your recommendations that we're moving forward with to build an employee focused culture where everyone knows their voice is valued and appreciated.


Thank you for helping us develop a brighter and better future at {insert Company Name}.

#BeHeard Success Series

If you're looking for some help with Focus Groups and a more in depth look at your #BeHeard results, we suggest you sign up for our #BeHeard Success Series Part 2.  This package is all about taking action.  We'll help you share and interpret your results to align and execute an engagement initiative throughout your entire organization. This will ensure you get the largest return on investment and boost employee loyalty.

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