How to Put the #BeHeard Survey Results into Action 

It's not enough to just roll out an employee survey, here's what you can do to put your results into action.

The results are in, now what? This is a crucial time in the survey process.

Employees want to know that their feedback was heard and actions will be taken. Otherwise, they may think it was just a waste of their time (and lead to survey fatigue).  This step will encourage higher participation and honest feedback with future surveys; this data is essential to elevate your engagement initiatives.

To move the needle, you have to take ACTION - we can’t stress that enough. It is by far the most important step in the survey process and lays the groundwork for ongoing survey cooperation. 

Actionable Steps

With both the #BeHeard Survey Free Report and Premium Report, you'll have your results available on the dashboard in real-time. However, the Premium Report will also provide you with organizational recommendations and management coaching tips based on your unique results. But regardless of which report you are using and how much information you are accessing, you can bring everything together and take actionable steps in a variety of impactful ways.

Immediately After the Survey:

  1. Take action by developing an Engagement Plan by identifying priorities to keep the momentum going.
  2. Send everyone a thank you email for taking the survey, and let them know the results are being reviewed and will be shared soon. Here's an example:

Dear Team,

I/we wanted to be the first to thank you for taking the time to participate in our recent survey.  I/we know how limited your time is and I/we really appreciate your willingness to participate.  We are working hard to compile and analyze all the feedback we received and can’t wait to share it with you! 

The responses you provided will be used to help further enhance the workplace, your employee experience, and provide a road map to shape our internal strategies and company culture moving forward.  As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  We look forward to sharing the findings with you soon. 

Our target date to share this information is {Insert Date}, where we will have company-wide / Divisional meetings to discuss the results and our action plan moving forward. 

Thank you again, your feedback is so important to the success of this organization. 

After Reviewing Results:
  1. As an executive team, discuss and identify the areas to focus on based on results. This is where you can share the Engagement Plan to ensure everyone is on the same page in the organization!
  2. If you included custom open-ended questions, identify the main themes that came through in the feedback. Need help? Sign up for the #BeHeard Success Series. Reviewing the open-ended comments and identifying themes is included when our team helps you take action with your results.
  3. Share the results and actions you plan to take with the team.  This can be delivered in an email or meeting format, but our recommendation is to share the results in a meeting.  You can share company-wide results as well as the team or division reports.  If you decide to share through an email, it's encouraged to schedule a time for a Q&A session and let your employees ask questions.   Here are a few templates to get you started sharing your results.

Important: Always touch on the purpose - “the why.”  Let employees know how you selected the actions you did or did not plan on taking. Ultimately, they just want to understand the company’s direction, while still knowing their feedback was heard. It’s not realistic to have every request acted upon, but there will be more acceptance when it’s explained and understood. 

    Video: How to Understand Your #BeHeard Survey Dashboard

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