Introduce the #BeHeard Survey as a Solution to the Leadership Team 

As part of gaining leadership buy-in, it’s important to effectively share the #BeHeard solution.

Now that you have decided to introduce the #BeHeard Survey as an engagement solution with the leadership team, we created a few things for you: Talking Points, Resources to Introduce #BeHeard Survey, and Resources to Overcome Potential Objections.

First, if you haven't already, make sure you sign up for our free #BeHeard Engagement Report so you can get started as soon as your leadership team says "YES"!  You can always upgrade to the Premium Report later.


Talking Points

To help you get started, here are a few talking points when presenting the #BeHeard Solution to the leadership team.  More resources to support you are below.

Why Sparck?

  1. The #BeHeard Employee Engagement Survey is developed from over 10 years of research with a 93% statistically reliability score on over half of the questions. 
  2. Confidential and convenient experience. Employees can complete the survey within 10-15 minutes from their phone or computer. They'll have a designated Sparck partner to answer any questions they have as well as automatic reminders to participate in the survey. 
  3. Ability to add custom questions to personalize survey, both open-ended and five-star ratings. 
  4. Sparck is a Sacramento start-up supporting local innovation (helpful in the Sacramento region). 

Survey Results

  1. In addition to an engagement score, the results also include effectiveness scores for the top five engagement drivers that influence overall employee commitment. 
  2. Short-term and long-term employee turnover. 
  3. Top 5 recommendations based on the engagement areas that will get you the greatest ROI with proven actionable recommendations. 
  4. Top 5 engagement strengths.
  5. Comparison graph to easily identify strengths and challenge areas.

Survey Benefits 

  1. Employee empowerment to help shape engagement strategies moving forward. 
  2. An organizational results roadmap plus the ability to personalize company strategies with the workplace demographic filtering. 
  3. Management insight reports for personalized coaching with teams of 5 or more. 
  4. Financial benefits of making engagement a strategy (Employee Engagement ROI Analysis).
  5. A dual-scale survey measures both effectiveness AND importance. See video below: 

Employee Engagement ROI Analysis

ROI Analysis Screenshot

It's important for executives to clearly see the alignment between HR’s strategic position and organizational outcomes. Our goal is to equip HR leaders with research-proven data to show the return on investment (ROI) of their engagement strategies to gain executive buy-in and move their initiatives forward.  You can learn more, download, or request an ROI Analysis HERE.  

Resources to Introduce the #BeHeard Survey

In addition to your completed Employee Engagement ROI Analysis, please feel free to use the following resources.

PDF Overviews

Here's a simple comparison of the Free vs Premium Report that could be helpful to share with your team. Click to download. #BeHeard Comparison (Aug 2021)_Page_2

And this one-page overview of the #BeHeard Survey is a great resource to provide in the meeting (or send digitally prior to the meeting).  Click to download.

Click to download

PowerPoint Presentation

If you want to formally present the #BeHeard Engagement survey this deck can be personalized with your logo, additional company slides, or delete the ones that we provided that aren’t applicable. This also provides great talking points for a more informal discussion.  Click to download.

Click to download


Overcome Potential Objections 

Whether you've done employee surveys before or this is your first time, there may be concerns about participation or survey burnout. Be ready to share your action plan to overcome these obstacles and show how you will promote and implement the survey to capture the financial benefits highlighted in your ROI Analysis.  Here are a few more resources to help you:

  • Overcome any survey hurdles with our complimentary Survey Checklist.
  • Sharing a survey action plan will help you present your survey solution and aligning your strategies. 
  • We also offer support throughout the Survey process with our #BeHeard Success Series.  We developed the Success Series to help our clients get the best participation and actionable results with the #BeHeard Survey. The Success Series is broken up into two parts. Part I will help you execute the survey and optimize employee participation, and Part II will help you align and execute an engagement initiative to ensure the largest ROI of your engagement initiatives.  

Next Steps