Get Leadership Buy-In to Launch the #BeHeard Survey

Learn how our Free Employee Engagement Cost Analysis can show how an increase in engagement can impact your bottom line.

Show Return on Investment (ROI) with the Cost Analysis

Directly tying HR engagement initiatives to business objectives is a critical component in gaining leadership buy-in.  You need to show that employee engagement strategies will directly align with organizational goals, and our Cost Analysis will do that for you. 

The Cost Analysis is an effective and research based tool that can be shared in a team or executive meeting to personalize the Return on Investment (ROI) based on your company or divisional data.  With only four pieces of information, you can quickly and easily create a customized cost analysis report to present in team and executive meetings. 

To get started, download the FREE Cost Analysis. You will receive all the customizable resources to present the #BeHeard Survey as a solution and gain executive buy-in.  Here's what's included:

  • A branded one-page Cost Analysis overview to easily customize and present your results. 
  • A Reference Page highlighting all calculations and research sources.
  • A Sparck Engagement Calculator to personalize results based on your company data.

Putting together a cost analysis is quick and easy, but if you don’t have the time - no worries!  CLICK HERE and we’ll prepare a Cost Analysis for you.

Present your Solution

Once you show that engagement strategies align with organizational goals with the Cost Analysis, it’s important to have a solution (which you do)!  A lot of our clients like to introduce our Free #BeHeard Survey as a strategic solution. This solution comes at no cost to the company to get started and capture those projected financial savings from the Cost Analysis (we’ve found that most company leaders love that aspect of it as well). After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. 

The #BeHeard Survey will give you a free employee engagement score to serve as a benchmark for your engagement strategies. For additional insight, you can upgrade to the full #BeHeard Report to receive strategic insights and actionable takeaways.  The survey results can also be filtered by different workplace demographics so you can increase engagement within every area of your unique organization.

Overcome Potential Objections 

If you have done employee surveys before or this is your first time, there may be concerns about participation or survey burnout. Be ready to share your action plan to overcome these obstacles and show how you will promote and implement the survey to capture the financial benefits highlighted in your cost analysis. 

  • Download our free customizable Action Plan.  This is the perfect compliment to presenting your survey solution and aligning your strategies. 
  • To ensure you don't miss a beat, check out our complimentary Survey Checklist so you can tackle any roadblocks. 

Tutorial Videos

Want more information? Check out our quick tutorial videos below that will show you how to use the Sparck calculator and present your cost analysis results.

Video: How to Use the Sparck Engagement Calculator


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