Include Custom Questions in your #BeHeard Survey 

Curious what custom questions you should add to your #BeHeard Survey?

In our survey, you have an opportunity to add up to five 5-star rating questions and five open ended questions to tailor it specifically to your culture and interests. With our dual rating scale, your customized 5-star rating questions will measure effectiveness AND employee importance, just like our statistically valid #BeHeard Survey questions. After all, what might be important to the company may not be important to the employees, so this will give you additional insight.

Need ideas? No problem, check out some of the survey question ideas below. These examples are also a great resource to share during team meetings to decide what questions will work best for your culture and the feedback that you need. 

Please note that the survey question examples below should be reviewed by your HR and legal teams to ensure appropriate compliance and approval. 

Examples of Custom 5 Star Likert Rating Format Questions (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree)

  1. I enjoy working with the people on my team.
  2. I trust the people on my team.
  3. I feel my compensation is competitive.
  4. I feel my benefits package is competitive.
  5. I feel the executive team is sufficiently involved in company morale.
  6. I feel comfortable communicating concerns or making suggestions (about COVID-19 or diversity and inclusion) to leadership.
  7. I am able to be just as productive while working remotely compared to working in the office.
  8. I see strong leadership support of the organization's value or diversity and inclusion.
  9. I feel included and respected within the organization.
  10. Leadership demonstrates a commitment to meeting the needs of employees with disabilities.
  11. I am comfortable talking about my background and cultural experiences with my colleagues.
  12. I believe this organization will take appropriate action in response to discrimination.

Examples of Custom Open Ended Questions

  1. What company perks do you wish we offered?
  2. How do you feel about the company's ethics and what it stands for?
  3. What are the biggest challenges facing the business?
  4. What is one thing we can do to help you be more successful in your job?
  5. What are our greatest strengths as a company?
  6. What has the organization done in response to COVID-19 that has positively impacted the employee experience?
  7. What have we learned from this new workplace normal that will enable our organization to operate even better as we move forward?
  8. What can the organization do to develop our understanding of what we mean by racism in the workplace?
  9. How can the organization best support you (during...)? 
  10. What concerns, comments, or feedback would you like to share?

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