View the #BeHeard Employee and Administrator Emails

Curious about the individual emails you and your employees will receive for the #BeHeard Survey?

While consistent internal messaging and team reminders are important before, during, and after the survey launch, you won’t have to worry about individual reminders when the survey opens up until it closes - We will take care of that for you! 

We address everyone by first name {fname} in the emails as we capture that information during the employee upload process and want to create a personalized experience.  However, each email directs your employees to an external link to take the survey where their responses are completely anonymous. Confidentiality is critical!  Make sure to check out messaging and best practices for your launch to make sure your employees are reassured and confident that there is complete anonymity. You can view these details HERE

If you want to see the emails you and your employees will be receiving during the #BeHeard survey process, you can quickly view them below.

Administrator Emails

Employee Emails

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