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Curious to know the types of questions that we will be asking?

Now that you've gotten leadership buy-in, it's time to start Implementing the solution!

Below, we have a few sample questions from our #BeHeard Survey.  These questions are statistically valid with over 10 years of research and designed by an I/O Psychologist.

An I/O Psychologist is an expert in work and organizational psychology. 

These questions are often a top request, so we wanted to make sure we had them easily accessible as you begin to personalize your survey experience. Enjoy!

Sample Questions

  1. I feel that I will have a long career at this organization.
  2. The type of work that I do leverages my personal strengths.
  3. I have clearly defined goals for my job.
  4. I have confidence in the direction that our organization is taking.
  5. I believe employees are treated fairly in this organization.
  6. My manager supports my professional growth and development.

What makes our questions unique is that our #BeHeard Survey uses a dual rating scale.  The questions rate effectiveness AND importance to be able to pinpoint the specific engagement areas that will get you the biggest return on your investment (ROI). After all, you want to invest in the areas that are most important to your employees and not get side tracked with the areas that they think are ineffective but don't care about.

In addition to your engagement score, our survey will break down your effectiveness levels within the five key engagement drivers that are directly contributing to your employee engagement. This will help you quickly identify the areas where you are strong and your biggest opportunities to boost engagement based on survey responses. These five engagement drivers will answer the following questions for you: 

  1. Valuing:  Do your employees feel appreciated? 
  2. Growth:  Do your employees have the tools they need to personally and professionally grow?
  3. Alignment: Do your employees believe in the mission, values, and goals of the organization? 
  4. Team: Are your employees collaborating well across different departments and locations? 
  5. Fit: Are the right people in the right seats? 

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