Extending the Survey to Boost Participation

Learn how best to boost participation by extending the survey.

So now that your organization's #BeHeard Survey has launched, how do you feel about participation? If you're approaching the Close Date and you aren't close to your participation goal, you have the opportunity to easily extend the survey from your dashboard!  

By extending the survey, you are giving your employees more time to complete the survey. We know your employees are busy and you may have some employees who are still considering taking the survey. Depending on previous experiences with employee surveys and how the survey was marketed, some extra time could also give managers the opportunity to remind their teams. 

How to Extend the Survey Dates

After communicating the extension to your employees, update the survey dates in the Sparck platform. To extend the survey:

  1. Navigate to the Company Admin --> #BeHeard Survey 
  2. Click "Extend Survey" button to the right
  3. Select the new survey close date 

Once the survey has been extended, employees who have not taken the survey will receive an automated email from the Sparck Platform letting them know the good news!  

If your managers haven't already, this is a great opportunity for them to remind their employees. Due to confidentiality, we will not reveal who received these emails, but positive communication around this extension is critical.

Best Practices to Communicate the Extension

In addition to the automated reminder from the system, we recommend sending an email to everyone letting them know that you are extending the survey. This will make sure consistent information is communicated to everyone about the extension. 
Here are best practices for the messaging:
  1. Provide the new survey close date
  2. Reiterate why the survey is important
  3. Include current participation rate and goal 
  4. Explain how important it is to the company to get employees' confidential feedback to shape initiatives moving forward
Email Language Sample:
We're X% away from our #BeHeard Survey participation goal! It's really important that everyone's voice is heard, so we're going to extend the survey until Wednesday. Your feedback is going to shape our strategies and culture moving forward. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please reach out to your manager. We look forward to sharing the findings with you.

Next Steps