Adding, Updating, or Deleting Employees

Here are detailed instructions how to either add, update, or delete employees from the platform using the three different methods available.

Whether you're setting up your first survey or you're updating your employee database, you can get Employees into Sparck using three (3) different methods:

  1. HRIS Selection (API Import)
  2. Bulk Upload (Spreadsheet)
  3. Employee Management (Manual)

If you're looking for more general information about setting up the survey, click HERE.

1. HRIS Selection (Import)

Selecting HRIS Selection from the Employees screen will allow you to select one of the HRIS integrations we have available, enter the Company’s ID for that HRIS, and Import their employees from their HRIS system.  This process is very easy and keeps track of new employees, terminated employees, and updates to employee information and reporting structure, so the company doesn’t have to worry about it.

If a company doesn’t see their HRIS system listed in the HRIS System drop down they can let us know what HRIS system they are using and interested in having us integrate in the field below.  We will then work with them on the integration process as time permits.

2. Bulk Upload

Adding Employees

The Bulk Upload process is by far the most utilized process for getting employees into the system.  This screen provides a spreadsheet template that can be downloaded and filled in.  It contains the fields listed on the previous page, color coded to easily understand which fields are required, recommended and optional.

This template also has two tabs.  The first is the Users tab and is where the employee information must be entered. The second tab is the Instructions tab and is where we provide field specific instructions and example data.  This is for their support only and any data here WILL NOT be imported into the system.

Once the spreadsheet template is completed, the Organization Admin or a Sparck Admin can go back to the Employees screen, click on Upload Spreadsheet and drag and drop the spreadsheet onto the dialog to upload the employees.

Updating Employees

The great thing about the Bulk Upload process is that you can use the process to Add and Update employees through the same process.  When you upload a spreadsheet, the system first looks to see if the email is used by anyone else in the system.  If it is used by someone in a different company, it will return an error on the upload screen.  However, if it is used by someone in the current company, the information related to that email address on the spreadsheet will update the record in the system automatically.

Deleting Employees

The Bulk Upload process cannot currently be used for deleting employees.  For that you will need to use the manual Employee Management.

3. Employee Management (Manual)

The Employee Management process allows an Organization or Sparck Administrator to Add, Edit or Delete employees on a one by one manual basis.

Adding Employees

To Add an employee through the Employee Management process, the Organization or Sparck Administrator will click the Add An Employee button under Employee Management.  This will display a form of fields that can be filled out for the employee. 

Although we previously said only the email address was required, this process has one other requirement and that is to set the employee’s role.

Roles are as follows:

  • Employee - This is a general employee role and most people will get this role.
  • Manager - This role has slightly more permissions and identifies the user as a Manager.
  • Executive - This role has the same permissions as a manager but identifies the user as an Executive.
  • CEO - This role has the same permissions as a manager but identifies the user as a CEO.
  • Sparck Administrator - This role has full access to manage the system and support internal users.

When creating an employee you must provide their email address AS WELL AS their role.  Also, make sure that you click the Create Employee button at the bottom of the screen to save the record to the system.

Updating Employees

Updating an employee uses the same form but we get to it in a different way.  First we need to find the employee we want to update.  We can do that by scrolling through the employees alphabetically by first name, by sorting any of the fields ascending or descending, or by using the Search field at the top left of the employee listing.

Once you have the employee you want to edit, click the teal colored pencil icon to edit their employee record.  Just make sure that when you have finished updating the data, you click the Update Employee button at the bottom.

Deleting Employees

Deleting an employee requires us to first find the employee we want to delete.  We do this in a similar fashion to updating an employee.  However, once you have the employee you want to delete, click the red-colored X icon to delete their employee record.  Once you click the red X, you will be asked to confirm your decision to delete the employee.  Once you confirm, the employee will be deleted.


IMPORTANT: It is important to note that deleting an employee DOES NOT remove them from the system.  It does, however, make the user inactive and changes their email address so that the original email address can be reused by new employees coming in.  We do this so that any survey information completed by the deleted user still has their demographics tied to it for those point in time survey results.

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