v2.2.0 - Latest

Below is a list of items from our Aug. 21, 2022 release:

New Functionality

  • In Recognition Events, we have added the ability to set who can Recognize an employee vs who can Reward an employee.  It is important to note, who can Reward will always be a subset of who can Recognize.
  • In Pulse Surveys you are now able to send a survey to a specific Demographic and Roles group.
  • We have created a new Dynamic Reporting screen in the Company Admin section with additional reports and filtering options.  current reports include:
    • Top Active Users
    • Number of Recognitions Sent
    • Recognition Event Summary
    • Recognition Event Details
    • Budget Summary
    • Budget Details
    • Financial Report
    • Profile Report
  • In the My Recognition Activity of Team Insights, we now highlight any employees who haven't been recognized in the last 14 days.  In a future release, you will be able to set the amount of time before a record is highlighted and a manager is notified (e.g., 7, 14, 30 days.)
  • We have added support for Virgin Experiences, a new reward provider we think employees will be very excited about.  This includes adding the new reward to the Recognize screen as well as the Employee Rewards screen.
  • We have brought our external Employee Recognition Certification process into the Sparck Application so employees can access the certification and view reporting in the same tool.
  • In our ongoing Internationalization and localization effort we added locales to our BeHeard report.
  • We added the following disclaimer to our Pulse and BeHeard Open Ended questions: "To ensure your confidentiality, do no put any personally identifiable information."
  • We added new notifications for Birthdays and Workiversaries (<- Sparck word!).
  • We added additional integration tests to improve our automated release process.


  • The Company Settings screen has been redesigned to group and display setting information in a more user friendly way.


  • We fixed an issue where Open Ended survey questions would appear blank for different languages.
  • We fixed an issue where the system wasn't taking into account Banked rewards when considering the remaining reward balance.
  • We fixed an API response issue that would occur when a recognition is shared on social media.