Below is a list of items from our July 15, 2022 release:

New Functionality

  • Sparck now has the ability to allow manager approval to be required for certain employee types that recognize other employees with a reward. 
  • Sparck has added chat capability for its suggestion process, allowing the proposer and the administrator to discuss the suggestion prior to it being accepted or declined.  The administrator also has the ability to assign the suggestion to themselves in the system so notifications are only directed to them and not to the administration group as a whole.
  • In this release we have added the ability to set the reward associated with a Recognition Event to only be Accepted, only be Banked, or to be Accepted or Banked, giving clients more flexibility with how they want rewards used in the system.
  • In our BeHeard Premium Report, we will now be providing an Excel export in addition to the PDF report export we had previously.  Each major section of the report will be on a different tab allowing clients to sort and filter the data to perform further analysis as they need.
  • For employees who have not added items to their Rewards wishlist, there will be a new Task in their dashboard providing them a link to the rewards screen. Once at least 1 reward item is added to the Wishlist, the task will automatically be hidden.


  • In this release we have improved the MFA setup process by allowing employees to set up multiple authentication factors and set a primary.  The options are:
    • Authentication App (Google Auth, Authy, etc.)
    • SMS Authentication Code
    • Email Authentication Code
    • Backup Codes - Provided for users that set up an Authentication App as a factor.
  • We have improved our Employee Rewards screen to give the employee a view of their Bank balance, Wishlist items, Trending Rewards for the company, a list of the employee’s rewards and their purchases (from their Sparck bank).


  • This is a major fix that now properly sets the user roles and permissions when BeSeen is turned on for a company through the Organizations screen.